Hand crafted script lettering in the time honored styles of the past.

Hand crafted script lettering in the time honored styles of the past.

Hand crafted script lettering in the time honored styles of the past. Hand crafted script lettering in the time honored styles of the past.

Choose from pure and simple to lavishly flourished elegance, to rustic charm. All lettered by hand with love. ❤️

Me creating a bird flourish one happy morning on vacation in the Dominican Republic

Hello fellow lettering aficionados!

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Monica Rachel Lima, Artist & Calligrapher

Offering fine, hand crafted calligraphy and art with 20 years of experience

For close to twenty years, I've created my hand crafted calligraphy with passion and pure love for the craft. (My company name was formerly called "A Bit of Ink")

To me, calligraphy  is so much more than mere writing in a pretty way. It is evocative of all that it means to be human. It is of course visual, but also touch, thought, language, sharing, communication, expression, emotion, action, beauty, history, posterity; too much meaning to describe in a paragraph. Suffice to say, it is one of the treasures of humanity. 

Fortunately, even in this digital age where its possible future demise looms heavily, calligraphers all over the world refuse to allow it to die. They continue to create it in its all it’s infinite forms. Cheers to all the calligraphers and  lovers of calligraphy out there keeping this treasured art form alive!



I specialize in Engrosser's Script, (commonly known as Copperplate), which is an elegant, shaded script with fine hairlines and graceful curves that is more akin to drawing that mere writing. It is derived from English Roundhand (the script style of the Declaration of Independence) and developed to emulate the elegant engravings by master engravers of the 1700s and 1800s. This script is very popular for wedding invitations and countless computer font variations have been made from this "mother" script. 

Ornamental Spencerian


I also specialize in (and adore!) Spencerian Script which is a uniquely American script created by Platt Rogers Spencer circa 1840. Known for its dramatic capitals, elegant ovals and threadlike, delicately connected letters, it's a supremely elegant and airy; perfect for a wedding invitation that wants to mimic antique correspondence. I love to draw these classic letters in their simplest, minimal forms, as well as to lavishly flourish them to create a feast for the eyes!

Rustic traditional


This is my favorite personal style. 💕 

Vintage/rustic charm with a romantic vibe.

Over the years I've eased into my own personal style that developed naturally whenever I had creative freedom to play a little more. It has a vintage/rustic feel with a more spontaneous, freshly hand drawn look. Not at all polished. Lots of lush ornamental elements (maybe some birds and greenery) with a look that evokes something a little impulsive & spontaneously drawn rather than painstakingly planned & stylized to perfection. It's romantic and emotionally playful, using a few different hands that change direction. It's the opposite of minimalist or glam or glossy. It's quintessentially human and "perfectly imperfect" with what I hope conveys beauty and tradition with a charmingly warm and humble vibe. (Good traits to strive for!! ;)

Below are a few more examples of this style.


No Bragging Here (Well, just a little...)

As a member and former instructor for I.A.M.P.E.T.H., (International Association of Master Penman, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting), I have closely studied both one-on-one and in various workshops with expert calligraphers from around the world and acclaimed Master Penmen. With almost twenty years of experience, I've had the honor of creating original calligraphic pieces for many discerning clientele such as celebrities, major universities, local and national corporate advertising campaigns, many high profile events on-site and spot illustrations for fine stationers to use for engraved and letterpressed pieces. 

I would love the opportunity to work with you! Please reach out with any questions you may have I‘d be happy to help!



Clientele include:

Louis Vuitton

Christian Dior



Casa Dragones

Conde Nast




Grey Goose Vodka

Neiman Marcus

McGill University

Allie Munroe

And many fine stationers

References available upon request.

I'm based in South Florida but available to travel and work can be shipped anywhere!

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